Bible Reading Experience

Experience the transformative power of the Bible by reading it through.
Get into the Bible in a new and unique way through the Immerse Bible.

Immerse yourself in the Bible and be transformed

Read the Bible through from cover to cover through a six-volume Bible called Immerse. A reorganised and more logical structure, with all the chapters and verses removed and single column text, gives fresh life to this life changing book.

immerse bible messiah cover

How does The Bible Reading Experience work?

It operates just like a ‘book club’ and runs over eight weeks during which we will read the whole of the New Testament in the Immerse book ‘Messiah’.

Each week the group which will meet in a coffee shop will discuss what they read in frank and honest discussion. There is nothing complicated about it, there are no lectures, just simple honest reflection on questions like …

  • “What stood out to you this week?”
  • “Was there anything confusing or troubling?”
  • “Did anything make you think differently”
  • “How might we change the way we live?”

The Bible Reading Experience will start in the Autumn, so if you want to attend sign up below:

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