Discovery Workshops

These workshops can help you find out more about the Christian faith
in a neutral location where you can ask any question you might have

Explore the really important questions about faith and life

There are some questions in life that demand an answer and it is important to take
the time to pursue the answers, especially when the opportunity arises to do so.

tablet showing pathfinder agenda

What is a discovery workshop?

The format of a discovery workshop can vary from an informal one to one conversation which will centre on the areas of life and faith that you would like to explore to a more structured group event such as attending one of our pathfinder discovery workshops.

Pathfinder workshops are run over an eight week period and explores the Bible’s teaching on the origins of life, the purpose and meaning of life and how we can come to know God. Each session lasts around an hour and has been designed to be participative, informative, engaging and fun.

Pathfinder workshops are run at different times during the year and if you request more information you will be sent full workshop details and we will advise you when we will be running the next workshop programme.

To register for our discovery workshops complete the form below:

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